Writing & Editing
Working as an editor at my favorite periodical—the Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine—was an invaluable communication experience and a dream-come-true for this fighter pilot and astronaut wannabe.
Edited Articles

What does it mean to edit? Well, it can mean checking facts, rearranging writing, adding new reporting, helping choose photos and illustrations, composing sidebars and captions and headlines—generally working a manuscript into fighting shape. Here are a few of the articles I edited during my time at Air & Space.

  • Notorious Flight of M. Rust
  • I Got Shot Down
  • Mystery of the Lost Clipper
  • The Other Moon Landings
  • Crown Jewels
  • Bill Borucki's Planet Search
  • Home-Grown Simulators
  • Restoration: Yellow 10
  • Growing Pains
  • Dept. of Etc.
  • Calculators of Calm
  • Feature Stories

    Every once in a while, when nobody was looking, I'd sneak a feature of my own into the magazine....

  • Plains, Trains & Waterfalls PDF
  • Airport 2103 PDF
  • The Meatball PDF
  • Diamonds in the Wreck PDF
  • Product Reviews & Blurbs

    Worthy books and toys need someone to pipe up and tell the world how great they are. Likewise, mucky ones need a good scolding. As editor of the Air & Spaceís "Reviews & Previews" section, I doled out products for evaluation and wrote quite a few reviews of my own. Here are some samples.

  • Come Fly With Us! PDF
  • Celestial Delights PDF
  • The Boeing Story PDF
  • Astro-Turf PDF
  • Air Fare PDF
  • Hydrogen Rocket/Moon in My Room PDF
  • Virtual Apollo PDF
  • New Worlds in the Cosmos PDF
  • Traveler's Guide to Mars PDF
  • Space Dogs PDF