Exhibit Work
As Pacific Science Center's exhibit content developer, I spent my time concepting, writing, and refining our world-famous, homebuilt exhibitions. I worked with a talented group of prototypers and designers to make science, math, and technology topics welcoming and interactive to audiences of all ages.
Lucy's Legacy: The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia

In 2008, Seattle’s Pacific Science Center tasked me with augmenting a traveling exhibition featuring “Lucy”—the world-famous early hominid skeleton. A team of talented exhibit prototype artists and I created dozens of interactive devices, embedded artifact displays, and information panels for the show. I personally researched and wrote a roughly 3000 sq. ft. footprint of content about the discovery and scientific analysis of Lucy's fossilized skeleton.

Professor Wellbody's
Health & Wellness Academy

Wondermine’s Ken Burns and I conceived Professor Wellbody’s Health & Wellness Academy to be an entirely new breed of permanent exhibition. Much more than a tired ol’ demonstration of physiology, the exhibition immerses visitors in a mythical school where they can explore how their lifestyles affect their wellbeing. I also wrote every word in the fundraising book.

Harvesting Science

Pacific Science Center partnered with MESA to produce this popular bilingual exhibition meant for Washington’s farming communities. Its 15 interactive devices help agriculture workers talk to their children about the everyday science and engineering involved in their work. I researched, developed, and wrote copy for each of the devices and helped ensure that each could collapse into a box or suitcase for easy storage. Two copies of the exhibition travel on vans to fairs, festivals, and schools throughout the state.

Washington State Science at Work

The sequel to Harvesting Science, this Spanish-English bilingual exhibition highlights some of Washington’s most important STEM fields, including aerospace, seismology, fisheries science, and hydroelectricity. I researched and helped to develop the concepts and prototypes that were later turned into the collapsible interactive devices and posters this make up this traveling show.

A Restroom Makeover

What’s the best way to educate a captive audience? Glue colorful factoids to restroom walls! We adapted Sylvia Branzei’s wonderful Grossology books to turn our restrooms into “digestion digests”. After learning what different vegetables do to urine, kiddos demand beets and asparagus for dinner!

Gemini Capsule Update

Nobody quite remembers exactly how Pacific Science Center acquired its Gemini capsule model more than 40 years ago. In 2006, after at least 20 years with very little signage, it was time to give curious patrons a little background about the importance of the Gemini missions to U.S. manned spaceflight. I researched, wrote, designed, and found all the images for a large, colorful info panel. Graphic artist Sandra Owen translated it into a beautiful display.